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CEO-level work swaps are just three moves away.
Welcome to a network of like-minded female entrepreneurs! Consider this your own business clubhouse full of ambitious women who believe in community over competition and want to see you thrive as hard as them. Sound like your thing? Apply today!
Barter & Be members use the platform to search for skills and services until they find the perfect person who matches their needs. Scroll through all the talented women in our network until you find a match, initiate a barter with them and then start moving your project forward.
It's time to flex your skills and get rewarded for it! Completing a barter means both parties can advance their goals and get closer to that CEO life – and empower each other in the process. Get the support, talent and services you need to take your business all the way, without breaking the bank. That's what Barter & Be is all about!

Savvy female
entrepreneurs barter for
their bottom line


Some Happy Stories

What happens when two gifted female entrepreneurs come together to trade skills and services? It's nothing short of magic. Read about successful Barter & Be member stories and find inspiration for your own. And they all lived happily barter after!
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We're redefining what building a business looks like.

Barter & Be helps female entrepreneurs level up by connecting and collaborating with other skilled business owners and bartering their way to success!
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