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Read about successful Barter & Be member stories and find inspiration for your own.

Amber &

Amber D'Ambrosio is an expert in branding and web design. Daniela Busciglio is a consultant who helps groups, organizations, and candidates running for office to frame their message according to their values and build out their messaging to their customers or (potential) voters. After striking up a friendship, Daniela and Amber were able to work together at a rate that made sense for Daniela’s burgeoning company. Amber says: “Thank you Barter & Be for fostering this connection and while we weren't able to actually make a Barter happen we were both still able to create a win/win for both of us!

+ Rox

"I was in the middle of creating the platform/podcast We're All Creative. I was stopped in my tracks when I realized I needed someone to help me with the copy for the homepage. I had some things up there but I really wanted to make an impact when I launched the site so when Ciara Gigleux, from Barter & Be reached out to me it was actually perfect timing. I was able to help her with her new branding, and I was able to get new and improved copy for my platform! We're live now and I couldn't be happier with the way things went with Ciara. She’s amazing! The best part about all money exchanged. When you are just starting something, like I did, money is tight. The ability to trade what I'm good at for someone to help me with what I'm not good at...priceless."

- member Roxanne McClaren

Jessica &

Jessica Post of Post Design Co and Angela Hamilton did a wonderful trade that benefits everyone—Jessica, Angela, and their customers and fans! Jessica helped Angela rebrand her website, (check out that cutie logo + color palette on her new website!) in exchange for professional-grade blog posts written by Angela.

Lisa, Shreena, &

Lisa Valerie Morgan had two happy barters: one with Shreena Atwal / Le Confectionerie, who provided all of the gluten- and dairy-free sweets for Lisa’s holiday high tea party, which was covered on Lisa’s blog and social.
The other was with Jennifer Kowal at Loft 212; Jennifer custom designed the logo for Lisa’s new show The Fash Life series ( in exchange for posting on Lisa’s blog and social channels.

Val &

Valorie Darling is a photographer. Jessie Kershisnik is a designer. Val’s taking gorgeous shots of Jessie for her site, and Jessie is helping Val rebrand her business with colors, logos, brand strategy, and brand essentials. Find the Val to your Jessie at Barter & Be!

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