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Trading services is a simple way to get the professional work that you need for your business while expanding your own network of collaborators. Bartering saves you money and allows you to support other entrepreneurs doing work you admire. Oh, and bonus? You’ll end up working alongside some very cool women. Good for you, good for them, good for Capitalism, tbh.

It’s simple. Apply to join our community. Once approved, head over to our Member Directory to search by name, location, industry or skills to connect with likeminded women who are into the same things that you love.

To edit your profile, view the Profile tab on your portal dashboard and click edit in the top left corner. You can always email us at [email protected] for any assistance, anytime.

We pride ourselves in selecting the best of the best in every industry. Our application process helps us decide who’s a good fit for Barter & Be—we only accept women who we’d like to work with, who are professionals in their respective fields and have specific qualifications.

Slide into the DMs. Not kidding—it’s easy to use our in-app messaging system to hit up the women you want to work with the most. Hit “send” on friendly text, and you’re instantly connected to another Barter & Be member. We recommend connecting before you begin working together to make sure your communication styles are aligned.

Once you decide to barter services, it’s important that both parties are extremely clear their needs and expectations. We want everyone to have the most positive, beneficial experience possible—so a healthy line of communication is necessary. We’ve found that trading for a monetary value or specific number of hours of work is helpful.

Let us know. We’ll work together to rectify the situation. We are a directory of like minded female entrepreneurs, and we hope that everyone who has been chosen to be featured on our website all share similar ethical values to providing each other the best possible representation of your work.

Yep! You can sort fellow entrepreneurs by whatever matters to you with our new platform via Member tab in the main dashboard of the portal. For further assistance you can email us at [email protected] as well.

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