We believe that trading skilled services with others makes building a thriving business a possibility for everyone. Our barter-based marketplace helps you lift others up as you work towards building the brand of your dreams without breaking the bank.
Here’s the truth

Around 2% of venture capital funding is
alotted to female founders.

And starting a business? Well, it’s not exactly cheap. We make it easy for female entrepreneurs to find, offer, accept, and complete reciprocity-based service trades with other gifted entrepreneurs. The result? A highly-vetted community of powerful and talented women eager to help each other find lift-off as they grow their companies together.

We Stand For


Our community of talented female entrepreneurs is mindfully curated: members are self-motivated, highly-skilled and dedicated to building their businesses while helping you build yours.


Our members understand the need for high standards and the importance of taking pride in their work. That's why we advocate for clear communication so that all needs, deliverables and expectations are aligned for everyone involved.


At Barter & Be, we believe that building the brand of your dreams is possible for everyone – as long as you have a little imagination and a lot of drive. We're reimagining the path to entrepreneurship with barter-based work trades that make it easier for women to grow their businesses without the VC funding.

Like most good inventions, Barter & Be was born out of necessity.

When I set out to start my first business, I realized I couldn’t afford every single thing I needed to create the dream brand I’d envisioned for so long. So, I did what every other scrappy, successful entrepreneur I knew did — I traded my services with other creatives to get the work done that I needed for my business to thrive.

I found the spirit of reciprocity and community that came with trading skilled services with other female entrepreneurs invigorating. So much so that even when I got my business off the ground, I wanted to continue to empower and support other incredible, skilled women as they launched their businesses. And that was how Barter & Be was born.

Tata Tickaradze
CEO, Founder
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