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To empower female entrepreneurs by creating a barter-based marketplace for trading essential goods and services.

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“Barter & Be is such a great resource for bringing together creative ladies who may be able to help each other in their business. When Caitlin Alohilani reached out to me about creating branding for her, it was the perfect moment because I was looking for a photographer to take photos for my website. We decided to trade services and it was the best decision. Not only did we both get new assets for our business, I also met a new friend.“
Jen B. Peters
Los Angeles, Designer + Illustrator
“Barter & Be has been a huge part of my business growth! I didn't even know I needed a rebrand until another member reached out to me and suggested a barter. After convincing me of something I didn't know I needed I took on a completely different approach and mindset to my entire life both personally and professionally. I feel incredibly grateful to that partnership that wouldn't have happened without the help of this incredible site that connects badass women. Eternally grateful.“
Valorie Darling
Los Angeles, Photographer
"While friends with Kimber from Kimber Collective before Barter & Be, the platform opened the conversation about trading services. While chasing a passion project of mine, I was trying to minimize my costs. I was in desperate need of product photography and styled shots for my matcha business Ritual Cosmic. Through the barter I used my skills as a graphic designer to trade Kimber for product photography. It was such a fun and collaborative process where we BOTH added value to our endeavors with the help of each other's skill set. She received new logos for her business and I received gorgeous photos to start my business. Win, win!"
Michelle Brutto-Manfre
Los Angeles, Graphic Designer
Copy Writers
"Barter & Be helped me start my business! I stumbled upon Barter & Be through someone's Instagram and I was instantly excited at the prospect of being able to barter my copywriting services for things I needed to help get my business off the ground. I connected with Roxanne, a graphic designer, and in exchange for writing the copy for the website of her community (We're All Creative) she designed my logo and branding guidelines. Being able to exchange services was a lifesaver for someone like me who was starting my business from scratch – not only did I get professional design elements created, but I also got the experience and feedback of another copywriting client, which was so important when I was just starting out. I am so glad I found Barter & Be because it truly helped me to start my business off on the right track!"
Ciara Gigleux
Belgium, Copy Writer
"Barter & Be has been such a gift for me and my business when it comes to networking, connection and having the opportunity to work with some AMAZING boss babes that I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to find. Their events are always super informative (and so fun to attend!) and I always leave feeling ready to tackle the next aspect of my biz. Thank you, Tata, for creating such an amazing platform and bringing so many talented women together!"
Amber D'Ambrosio
Agoura Hills, Website Developer
Social Media
"About two years ago I heard of Barter & Be from an Instagram story of an account I followed. I was immediately intrigued and noticed a few friends were already members. What I loved about it was that it brought together creatives who would likely not meet and be able to share their expertise with one another. I've used Barter to find graphic designers, photographers and videographers and it's been great for my business! But I think most of all, it's been an amazing networking with like-minded people and I've made some great friends along the way."
Adeniz Villar
Los Angeles, Social Media Specialist
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